Thursday, 28 May 2009

Susan Boyle Celebrity Problems

Susan Boyle Might Pull Out from Britain's Got Talent

The strain and stress of fame is apparently taking its toll on Susan Boyle, who reportedly is close to quitting Britain’s Got Talent.

She has been criticized recently for both her behaviour and her singing, Piers Morgan said “I’ve been told she’s Susan Boyle Piers Morganbeen in floods of tears."

“Yesterday she was actually going to leave the show, packed her bags to go because she couldn’t see the point in going on if all she was going to get was all this sniping.”

“I think there’s a lot of cynicism building up about Susan, a lot of unnecessary criticism about her. She’s just two days away from the biggest show of her life, the biggest moment of her life, and we should give her a break.”

TV executives are also said to be considering pulling Susan from the live final tomorrow night.

There is talk that she may have gone into hiding after a number of unpleasant incidents.

Television officials will take medical advice to check that she can cope with the stress of the live final.

Britan's Got Talent is a blockbuster in the UK, in particular this series due to Susan Boyle.

One ITV official said: “If it is felt that she is too vulnerable to perform, she will be withdrawn from the show.”

Susan Boyle's behaviour has been a little strained at times, including four-letter word outbursts and making V-signs at Piers Morgan. (The UK equivalent of the finger).

“Simon Cowell and Co aren’t happy but there is a much bigger picture here. If anything was to happen to Susan live on air it would be ITV that got the blame. Her well-being is the absolute priority.”

TV companies have has “a duty of care” to people who appear on their channels and if Susan Boyle or a viewer were to lodge a complaint after the final, ITV could risk prosecution.

Susan Boyle's brother John said: "Susan is finding it very difficult at the moment. She has become a global sensation and is finding that she doesn't have any of the protection and support that big stars normally do. She is just a normal woman from a small village in Scotland, who all of a sudden is being forced to cope with this on her own."

One expert on reality shows said Susan Boyle was "clearly not prepared" for fame and could find the pressure too much.

Dr Linda Papadopoulos said: "Somebody who is unprepared for this type of celebrity will find it hugely difficult to deal with. Part of being a celebrity is trying to control your emotions rather than your emotions controlling you and I don't know how capable she will be of doing that."

Miss Boyle has been criticized lately, Craig Revel Horwood from Strictly Come Dancing rather unkindly said she "sucks" and he din't like her singing.

Max Clifford said "She's not dealing at all well with this situation. The dream that everyone first bought into, that she was a sweet lady devoted to her mother, is quickly fading."

Susan Boyle is still favourite according to the bookies but her odds have lengthened.

So let us hope that she does not in fact crack up but that she goes on to surprise everyone and sing like she did in the first round. I'm sure that most of the audience will be rooting for her !

Monday, 11 May 2009

Susan Boyle on Oprah Today

Susan Boyle on Oprah Winfrey Show Today

As expected, Susan Boyle was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show today, in a lemon blouse.

The Britain's Got Talent overnight sensation chatted with Oprah via satellite, and told her that since her appearance on TV everything had been “pretty awesome. I get recognized in the street!”

Oprah asked Ms Boyle about her new worlwide fame and her fans to which the singer answered : “I’ve been getting quite a few fan letters. It all takes a bit of time to take in, it’s awesome.”

Oprah asked her if she would be having a makeover, to which Susan replied : “My best friend helps me with my make-up, that’s hardly a makeover."

Asked if she had dyed her hair she said “I did a bit but that was just to tidy myself up like any other female would have done.”

Speaking about how much she loved singing, she said: “I was kind a kind of slow learner in school, so getting into something like singing was a good was of hiding behind that and so, boosting my confidence.”

On her mother’s death she said : “I am very slowly getting over it.One of the reasons I applied for the show was to see if I could perform in front of a live audience.”

Simon Cowell was also on the show entitled "The Worlds Got talent" and he wished Susan good luck.

Oprah ended by saying that the semi-finals of Britan's Got Talent “could be the most watched television broadcast ever.” to which Susan shrieked !

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Susan Boyle Says Nobama

Susan Boyle Says No I Can't to Barack Obama

Susan Boyle said "No I Can't" to a dinner date with US President Barack Obama on Saturday.

Ms Boyle said she was too nervous to attend the star-studded ego fest in Washington.

According to the News of the World : "She was shocked and thrilled by the invite - but it was all too much too soon for her so she said No."

"She has been told President Obama has seen clips of her on TV and loved her singing. And she is delighted."

"But instead she'll have no doubt stayed in with her cat Pebbles, washed her hair and watched Britain's Got Talent on telly."

American TV networks were apparently fighting to invite her to the annual Correspondents Dinner in Washington DC on Saturday night. President Obama was the guest of honour and invitations are very hard to come by.

Susan Boyle is concentrating on the Britain's Got Talent competition, as despite what peopl emay thin, she hasn't won it yet - she would have met many of the rich and famous Hollywood A-listers at the 5-star Hilton Hotel . . . and of course President Obama who is a big fan.

"She knows she would have been incredibly nervous if she'd gone," said the News of the World source. "But her dream is to sing for President Obama one day."

"She loves him and thinks he is already a terrific president."

Susan Boyle Video

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Susan Boyle on Oprah

Susan Boyle - Song List and Oprah Winfrey Appearance

Susan Boyle Oprah WinfreyAs rumoured weeks ago, Susan Boyle is to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Susan Boyle hasn't won the talent show Britain's Got Talent but she is odds on favourite to do so later this month, but she is already an international star.

Susan Boyle will be on Monday's episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show and will give viewers a tour of a Scottish council house - currently the singer's modest home, complete with new fence.

The Oprah team visited Susan Boyle's home in Blackburn, Scotland, on Tuesday for several hours. They were treated to a guided tour and a chat to the neighbours.

Susan Boyle is also expected to be interviewd by Oprah.

In the meantime it appears that Susan Boyle's songlist for the semi-finals has been leaked. The Daily Record in Scotland has reported that she was photographed carrying a list of Andrew Lloyd Webber songs - including Tell Me On A Sunday, Take That Look Off Your Face, the title song from and Here Again Phantom Of The Opera.

Whichever song she chooses is sure to see a boos to its sales in the UK.

The song Here Again - “Wishing you were somehow here again . . .” - is sung by the character Christine in the Phantom of the Opera for her dead father, and as Susan Boyle has lost both of her parents these would be very poignant.

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Susan Boyle Rare Video Footage

Susan Boyle - Rare Video Footage

A rare video has emerged of Susan Boyle taking part in a talent show back in 1984. She didn't win, but the video now has a hisotirc interest.

The tape belongs to Gerry McGuinness, who was in the audience at Motherwell Football Club's social club in Scotland, when Susan Boyle performed her song.

Mr McGuinness says : "She was so shy, but she was also very attractive back then--she turned a few heads when she came in. She didn't win the contest, though. I didn't recognize Susan as the girl on my video when I first saw her on Britain's Got Talent until a relative called and asked me if I still had the tape. It's great she is finally getting some recognition."

As for Susan Boyle's current fame, some people think that Simon Cowell is handling the situation all wrong, but let's face it, he is a professional in this area. he himself has said to the Daily Record "She's got the world at her feet right now - but there's no need to panic. I read about her family saying they want to capitalise on this and right now I think that would be a huge mistake.

"The offers she is getting from people won't go away. There's going to be as much support for Susan in one year's time or two years' time."

"I had a very similar situation with Paul Potts, where people were asking should he capitalise on his fame, but I said 'no, this is just part of the process'. He went on with the rest of the competition, he was treated fairly, he won and sold five million records."