Monday, 23 November 2009

Susan Boyle First Album Best-Seller

Susan Boyle's First DVD To Top the Charts!

Scottish singing sensation,Susan Boyle, has launched her first album entitled "I Dreamed a Dream" just in time for Christmas, The album is guaranteed to be a great success and is already one of the best-selling Christmas gifts on Amazon.

Susan Boyle, was totally unknown until she sang on the show Britan's Got Talent just a few months ago but is now the world over and has been seen by over 100 million people on the Internet. Although by some strange quirk she came csecond in the show.

Gennaro Castaldo from HMV said Susan Boyle was set to sell 150,000 copies just in Britain on the first day.

"HMV is now revising significantly its estimate for the total weekly sales upward from the 300,000 that we initially projected to a figure closer to 400,000," Castaldo said.

"This would easily make the album the biggest and fastest-selling release of 2009.

"You would have to go back a year to the release of Take That's 'The Circus' in December last year, which sold 432,490 copies in its week of release, to find anything comparable during the past 12 months."

Susan Boyle is set to wow New York at Manhattan's Rockefeller Centre where she will be performing three songs from her debut album.

Susan told People magazine: "The album itself is like a reflection on my whole life. I've waited so long to become a professional singer and now it's become real."

She she was looking forward to her week in New York New York and plans a sightseeing tour on Tuesday.

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